After being closed for a month and a half as a precaution against Covid-19, I have re-opened Boundless LLC for business as of April 28th, 2020. The decision to re-open was not taken lightly. Both physical therapists and massage therapists are listed as essential workers, and have been for the duration of Wisconsin Safer at Home orders; however, just what services within their scope of practice are truly essential and worth the risk is a hotly debated topic in the professions.


Ultimately, what it comes down to, is that I want to serve my clients needs. If that need for my clients is to stay at home to minimize risk of contracting Covid-19, then absolutely that is what should be done. However, if increasing pain and functional limitations convince an individual that their need is to seek treatment, I want to honor their right to make that choice and be able to provide that care as an essential worker. 

Myofascial release, by it's nature, is not amenable to social distancing. I can not guarantee that there is no risk of Covid-19 exposure in the event that I could be an unsuspecting carrier, though I will certainly do everything in my power to minimize that risk within my business practices. I have carefully reviewed CDC recommendations, and will follow every precaution for which resources are available. Please review the following document if you are considering or have scheduled a session with Boundless LLC. If you remain uncomfortable with in person treatment, feel free to inquire, as I am willing to offer self-care suggestions and instructions via video-conferencing.