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Hi, my name is Bethany Kempfert, a physical therapist and owner of Boundless LLC.  I started my private business after 20 years in the field of physical therapy, bringing with me the best aspects of my experience from outpatient orthopedic, hospital acute care, inpatient neuro rehab and homecare settings. My primary service will be a technique called John F. Barnes Myofascial Release, as well as other physical therapy services described in detail under the "services" tab. My mission is to treat the whole person, mind, body and spirit, to help each individual maximize their own health and wellness.

I was first introduced to myofascial release 15 years ago, and it was an experience that changed my life, probably in more ways than I even have yet to realize. The work put me in touch with the intuitive, sensing part of myself, and allowed me to have a better understanding of the many individuals I have worked with over the years. I have found that in addition to myofascial release having great potential to help with pain issues, it often has the beneficial side effect of helping ease emotional stress and anxiety. Though my business focuses only on human work, my horses, dogs and cats have been willing recipients of myofascial release over the years, and I have enjoyed seeing them move better and become more calm and relaxed. Well, unless  there is a bunny to be chased off the yard! 

In my personal life, my husband, Jason, and I will be celebrating the blessing of 20 years of marriage this year. Jason is also in the medical field, working as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist. We enjoy traveling together, camping, trail riding on our horses, Ray and Remy, biking,  taking walks with our dogs, Gryffin and Callie, and snuggling our kitties, Putzski and Vivian, when they deem us worthy! We have been blessed with 17 nieces and nephews, including our 16 year old nephew, David, whom we are hosting as he attends high school in the Appleton area. Living with a teenager has been a whole new and wonderful experience!

I am very excited to be in this new stage of my life and career, with the opportunity to offer myofascial release in it's most pure and effective form, along with the mix of other skills I have developed over the years. I look forward to introducing you to this wonderful treatment option!